TREASURE FOUND- Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Palette

Yo ho…… Today was a good day because I found a treasure! And I can’t get ‘A Pirate’s Life For Me’ outta my head. 

I stopped by  my local Ulta today and bought the new Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales eye shadow palette. And shiver me timbers, IT IS AAAHHHHHMMMAAAAAAZZZZIIIINNNNNG!!!!! I saw the movie and trust me, this is waaayyyyy better than the movie. 

There’s a good mix of shimmers, satins, and mattes. They are creamy and smooth and gorgeous!

I swatched them on my arm so you could see how pigmented they are.

Top Row, left to right ⬇️


Middle Row, left to right ⬇️

Bottom Row, left to right ⬇️

The palette also comes with a travel size black eyeliner that’s just amazing!

I HAD to do a smokey Capt. Jack Sparrow inspired look. I’ll leave you with those pics and bid you farewell! It is worth the trip to Ulta to get this beautiful palette. Job well done, Lorac.




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