Wet N Wild at the Beach

This week my Mom’s whole side of the family, along with me and my girls, of course, have been on vacation at the beach. We’ve been coming to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina for 26 years now. It’s a wonderful place for families, food, privacy, golf, boating, etc. It’s about an hour north of Myrtle Beach, so there’s great shopping too! 

This week all of us girls, (aunts, cousins, sisters, etc) have tested out Wet N Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel Nail Polish. Some of us have it on our toes and some of us have it on our fingers (me!). 

Wednesday, half way through the week, IT HAD NOT BUDGED!! 

We used the colors Coral Support and Lilac A Virgin (haha). They are beautiful and perfect for summer!

It did start to chip a little bit on Friday so I took it off and repainted my nails again. But it didn’t start chipping til after 5 days!! Whaaaaaaa??!!!!!!

All in all I can say I am SUPER impressed! 

I got mine at the CVS by the beach and it was $4.99 with buy one get one 50% off!! Woohoo!! 

Great job Wet-n-Wild!! 



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