Do you know?

Do you know your skin type? Do you know your skin tone?

When we’re talking about makeup basics, you can’t start anywhere else than your skin. After all it’s what the makeup “sits” on.

Let’s start with skin type. 

There are several different skin types. 

Here’s a list:

Dry – Duh! Dry skin. Mostly around your nose, your cheeks, and sometimes your forehead.

Oily – Oily areas like the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin). Can also be oily all over in severe cases.

Normal – Not really oily or dry. You are lucky.

Normal to Dry – Maybe you’re more dry in the winter, your cheeks are flaky. But the rest of your face is fine.

Normal to Oily – Normal skin except for the T-zone.

The Normalto Dry/Oily is also known as Combination Skin. 

You may be asking “Why is this important?”… Well, it’s important because not every skin type can wear just any kind of makeup. Example; if you have dry skin you have to be VERY careful with powder foundation. You probably shouldn’t wear it depending on the severity of the dryness. And I will go over this in depth in later posts.

On to skin tone aka undertone.

Skin tone determines what hues of colors you should be wearing. This ranges from foundation to eyeshadow to lipstick.

Cool Undertone:

Sunburn easily and quick to blush. Cool (wink wink) tip: Turn your wrist over and if your veins look purple or blue in the sun, you’re definitely cool tone!

Warm Undertone:

Tans really well. Cool tip: Your veins look kinda green, you’re warm!

Neutral Undertone:

You have both pink and yellow tones. And basically you look good in any color! Cool tip: When you turn your wrist over, you see both blue AND green veins.

I hope this helps! Leave a comment and let me know. And please share so that everyone can know their skin tone!


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