Found a gem!! 

So I was in Meijer recently and I was just browsing the makeup section as I often do! At “my” Meijer the NYX makeup and the e.l.f. makeup are right next to each other. As I was standing in front of the NYX display, admiring all of it’s beauty, my eyes wander over to the e.l.f display to one lone black box that says “illuminating palette” hanging from a small sign that read $6. I opened it right there because my curiosity was killing me and to my surprise I heard a chorus of angels singing in heavenly voices!! 

This is what I find….

Dear God could it be? A drugstore highlighter that is amazing??? I swatched all four shades right there in the aisle…

And obviously I closed it right back up and ran to the nearest check out lane!! I had to get home right away and test it out on my face!! 

I come home, do my makeup and apply the top left, lightest shade to the tops of my cheekbones and squeal with excitement!! It was beautiful!! 

Moral of the story:

Get in your car, go to your nearest store, pharmacy, wherever they sell e.l.f. Makeup and get this illuminating palette ASAP!! 

You’re welcome, 

Carrie 💄💋


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